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FieldRobotics has been awarded a regional grant

We’re excited to announce that FieldRobotics has been awarded a regional grant

FieldRobotics has been awarded the regional grant n°PG/2023/36655, POR-FESR 2021/2027, to support the innovative startups of the Emilia Romagna Region. 

The project: 
The grant, co-funded by the European Union, will accelerate the growth of our autonomous agricultural robotic platform. The platform is an electric, autonomous rover capable of carrying out activities, such as mowing, spraying, and collecting data and information on crops. The rover is a TRL7 prototype, tested in a pilot orchard, for over 800 hours of autonomous navigation. The aim of the project is to reach a TRL 9, improving reproducibility, construction and equipment of the vehicle, focusing on the development of a robotic arm for fruit harvesting. 

The results:
Within the project, Fieldroboticis has developed and tested a robotic arm equipped with sensors for detecting the fruits and harvest and store them in the bin mounted on rover. The developed robotic system will reduce the environmental impact of agricultural processes, contributing to the fight against climate change. Indeed, the use of electric motors, the precision of intervention, and the reduction of both human labour and chemicals will make agricultural processes more efficient, profitable and sustainable. 



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