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Who we are

FieldRobotics is a science-based technology company established in 2022 in Bologna.

The systems have been developed with the automation engineering and control systems research group of the University of Bologna.  

FieldRobotics has two main areas of application: 

  • Agriculture, in particular GREENHOUSE & EROICAL AGRICULTURE; 
  • Search & Rescue in the high mountains and open sea
Our Story

FieldRobotics was created in 2022 in Bologna, founded in collaboration with the University of Bologna. This partnership bridges science with practicality, creating a platform for cutting-edge solutions.

Agriculture Innovation

We explore the potential of agriculture through technology. From greenhouses to heroic agriculture, we develop solutions that boost productivity and promote sustainable farming practices.

Search & Rescue 

In high mountains and vast oceans, we offer search and rescue solutions that make a difference in the most critical situations. Our technologies save lives.

Our Mission
Our Vision

We're driven by a passion for innovation and excellence. In collaboration with the University of Bologna, we're committed to staying at the forefront of research and development. As part of this vision, we're not only pioneers in research but also dedicated to effectively marketing our advanced platforms, ensuring that our innovations have a tangible impact on industries and communities.