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Agriculture division
A modular full electric platform with interchangeable tools to carry out autonomous operations in the field.
On-board Sensors
Technical features


LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is a remote sensing technology that uses laser pulses to measure distances and create detailed 3D maps of the environment.

Camera RGB

CAMERA RGB (Red-Green-Blue) is a traditional color imaging device that captures and records visual information using the three primary color channels.

Data Antennas

Devices used for the internet connection and for the radio controller signal.

Traditional PTO

A standard tree-point hitch with the PTO for transferring power from the 10 KW electric motor to the attached implement.

Patented Track

Patented Track is designed by our mechanical engineering team with several patents are pending.

  • Open field

    Open field navigation is a cutting-edge feature that enables the Rover to explore vast, unstructured environments using GPS signals. This technology empowers them to navigate autonomously, avoiding obstacles and efficiently accomplishing tasks in open fields.

  • In Row

    In Row: navigation involves the use of proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms, particularly LIDAR, to facilitate precise rover navigation within structured environments. This technology allows the rover to operate effectively even in areas where GPS signals may be weak or entirely unavailable, ensuring reliable and accurate navigation for tasks within confined spaces or challenging terrain such as orchards and vineyard.

  • Autonomous turns

    Autonomous turns represent a sophisticated capability where the system automatically detects the end of a row and seamlessly executes the turn, all without human intervention. This feature streamlines operations by autonomously managing the precise transition between rows, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in tasks requiring sequential movements.

Technical features


100 % Electric: Two 5 KW motors for traction and one 10 KW motor for implements


100% Electric (24 - 48 kwh). Up to 8 hours of work


Width: 130 cm
Weight: 600 kg


Up to 1 ton


Compact U-turn, up 2 mt

Maximum speed

6 Km/h


Standardize 3-point linkage


Remote operation via internet connection


Autonomous machine with safety system and bumper


Mulcher is a machine designed to reduce organic material, such as branches, leaves, and other vegetation into smaller pieces. Its rotating blades or hammers shred and break down the material, effectively turning it into mulch.


Sprayer is a device used to apply liquids, such as pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, or water-based solutions, over a targeted area with minimal drift or dispersion. This type of sprayer is designed to reduce the potential for overspray and ensure that the sprayed liquid reaches its intended target while minimizing the impact on non-target areas.

Inter-row Tools

Inter-row Tools are implements designed to work in the spaces between trees. These tools are used to perform various tasks such as weeding and cultivating. The main feature of our implement is to efficiently manage and maintain crops while minimizing damage to the plants.